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[condor-users] flocking between 6.4.7 and 6.6.0

I have a production cluster running Condor 6.4.7 and I'm currently
building a new cluster with Condor 6.6.0.  I've configured two-way
flocking between the clusters, and the new cluster is running jobs from

I have two questions:

1) condor_q -run -g
Shows 44 jobs when I run the command from the new cluster, but 73 jobs
from the production cluster.  The jobs which show up from the new
cluster also show up on the production side, and they are running on a
mix of machines from the two clusters.  Why do I not see the full list
in both places?

2) Are there any known gotchas to worry about in this situation?  I
haven't received complaints from my test users about strange behavior
from their jobs.

- dave

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