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[condor-users] Myrinet

We have two eight node dual cpu clusters (louie and duey). Users submit their jobs on louie and when all the nodes are busy, they start to flock and run on duey. This was working fine until we recently installed Myrinet on louie but not on duey. In order to get Condor to run using IP over Myrinet, I modified the condor_config.local files on each of the louie nodes to reflect the Myrinet IP address for the NETWORK_INTERFACE. However, since we do not have Myrinet on the duey cluster, the head node on duey and the head node on louie must still use the 100 Mbps ethernet address to comunicate. This would require two values for the NETWORK_INTERFACE on the head node on louie. It appears that Condor does not support such a thing. Is there another way to get the head node on a cluster to communicate via two network interfaces?

Joel Hernandez
Systems Programmer / Analyst
MCNC-RDI Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval

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