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RE: [condor-users] problem with Java execution

Does the JAVA setting have any effect within the vanilla universe?

If not you need the java binary on your PATH (set in the submit file not on the compute machines directly) as to the class path you can set that via the submit file as well...

environment = PATH=c:\blah\java\bin|CLASSPATH=c:\foo\main.jar;c:\foo\lib1.jar

This is a pain if you have a non standard farm but in your situtation it is probably reasonable to have a consistent location for the jvm and the libraries on your pool machines.

This actually is an architecture (homogeonous environment with predeployed executables and possibly data) that would benefit from an explanation in the manual.

It would be useful to not have to bother transferring an executable (in my case a bat file) each time from the submit machine and to operate in an environment where high levels of trust are assumed, large portions of condors structure which give it a great deal of power and flexibility in the more academic arena's are needlessly confusing in the more controlled corporate situation...


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> 1. Java detection: condor uses several entries in the configuration file
> to detect java. They are usually somewhere in the end. One of them is
> JAVA, which should point to valid java executable. Check that it's true
> for you.

It is. It points to:
JAVA = c:\winnt\system32\java.exe
#JAVA = c:\progra~1\java\J2RE14~1.2\bin\java.exe
#JAVA = c:\progra~1\java\J2SDK1~1.2\bin\java.exe

When it didn't work, I tried to point it to other java.exe's (the other two
lines), using non-spaced names, but it didn't help either.

> 2. Big jar. Here's what you can do: add your jars (offline) to the
> condor lib directory , or where ever you want it, and add them to the
> classpath in the configuration file : JAVA_CLASSPATH_DEFAULT. If you
> have the same application to run all the time, that will do the job.
> This way you won't have to specify them in the submission file.

Hmm, that wouldn't help though.
Situation is, that I have transformation devices (like translets) packed in
jars, which always contain class of fixed name, which carries out the
execution (let's call it Transform for example). In my script I need to call
different translets, so I'd need them all on classpath. It that case though,
Transform class from one jar would override Transform class from the other.

When I call it from the script, I can put only required translet on
classpath and Transform class I execute is the one I want.


> > > > When I run my script, I get error message:
> > > > -------
> > > > Error: could not open `C:\Program
> > > > -------
> > > > But jvm.cfg file is there.

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