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Re: [condor-users] precise time logging ?

> Please keep in mind that Condor is a high *throughput* system designed to
> execute large workloads over long time periods.  It is *not* designed to
> be a low latency system that executes a single job quickly.

good point.

now, I need to get times of:
whan job is localy submited - can get from job's log file (000 Job submitted
from host:...)
when job is sent to remote machine - can get from NegotiatorLog (Matched
374.0 ... )
when job is started on remote machine - can get from job's log file (001 Job
executing on host ...)
when job finished on remote machine - can get from job's log file (005 Job
terminated ...)
when result is recived on local machine -  ????

How do I get time (in precision of seconds) when result of job is received
on local machine ?

I can write script, which periodically checks local directory if there are
any new files and logs time, when there are any new arrivals, but that seems
very clumsy (especially in Win environment) and increases load on master

Is there any other, more elegant way how to get time data I need ? Can I set
somewhere that I'd like more detailed messages in job's log file (so that
they include for example, when result of execution arrives on local


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