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[condor-users] java configuration


Trying to get java working in condor, and for some reason I can't get it to work..
Is working fine on 6.4, and had it running under 6.6.0 on other machines, but
somehow I can't figure it out on 6.6.2; here's the situation:

windows xp pro workstation; condor 6.6.2 in c:\soft\condor\6_6_2\;
JAVA var set to sun JDK 1.4.2_03 installed
under C:\soft\java\j2sdk_1_4_2_03\ (so JAVA set to C:\soft\java\j2sdk_1_4_2_03\bin\java.exe);
condor_status -java is just empty; condor_starter -classad also doesn't give any java
related output, but also no errors. Can't find any reference to any java problems anywhere
in the log files...

Anybody any idea where I can look next to track this problem down ? Used to have
this problem before, but then it was simply having java.exe installed in a directory
with a "." in the name, which it didn't like..

Thanks in advance!

- Filip

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