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[condor-users] OpSys and families

Several people who use condor at my company don't want (or really need) to get into the nitty gritty of submission files and class ads

Something that causes confusion and cries of "My job won't run" is the automatic OpSys == <CurrentOpSys> requirement. Since it happens behind their back they often don't realise.

We have a mix of XP and win2K machines in our environment (the cluster itself is all win2K) as we migrate ( a common state I would guess) it would be nice to configure machines to only care about family of OS or even better  something like OpSys >= "this machine"

something along the lines of 
OpSysType == "MSWINDOWS" && OpSysFamily == "NT" && OpSysVersion == 5.0 (or 5.1 if XP etc)
OpSysType == "LINUX" && OpSysFamily == "REDHAT" && OpSysVersion == 9 
OpSysType == "LINUX" && OpSysFamily == "SUSE" && OpSysVersion == 8.1 
OpSysType == "MAC" && OpSysFamily == "MACOS" && OpSysVersion == 10 
OpSysType == "SOLARIS" && OpSysFamily == "SOLARIS" && OpSysVersion == 7 

duplicating Type and Family where reasonable

then the default behaviour stays the same but a config file settings such as

# if true then a job will, be default, run on any version of the current OpSys type and family
# from ALLOW_OS_VERSION_MINIMUM upwards. If false then only the current version is acceptable
# defaults to False

# This only has an effect if  ALLOW_RUN_ON_HIGHER_OS_VERSION is evaluates to true
# by default it is the current version but can be overridden if desired

would make a submitter machine state OpSysVersion >= ALLOW_OS_VERSION_MINIMUM

Since I can control the config files on submitters machines (they play with it it's their problem) this would be ideal for me.

A simpler alternative would be a set of default allowable OS names in the config file such as

# add comma separated set of OpSys that are added to the requirements of jobs submitted
# from this machine by default. if an OpSys requirement is placed directly in the submission it overrides this setting

Aside from this is there a relatively easy way to enforce all submission requests OpSys requirements default to

OpSys == "WINNT50" || OpSys == "WINNT51"

on condor 6.6.1 at the moment?

if I use

APPEND_REQUIREMENTS    = OpSys == "WINNT50" || OpSys == "WINNT51"

then will
1) a submission with no requirements concerning OpSys work correctly or just become A && (A || B) => A so negating the action
2) a submission which explicitly states its requirements including something about OpSys 
 a) override these settings completely
 b) behave as for 1 (which is ok if the explicit requirement is to choose only a subset of those I have specified but not if the sets differ)

I can live with 2b) since the only realistic use would be to shrink that set but 1) would make it useless

Alternatively can I fake the  OpSys type to be consistent (making them all "WINNT" for preference but pretending XP is 2K works for me as well)


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