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[condor-users] condor_store_cred - password is invalid for this account

G'Day Guys,

I am trying to install and run condor 6.6.2 on windows xp professional
version 2002 SP1.

When I try to submit jobs i get the error about not having my credentials

So I have run condor_store_cred add and have tried to store the
credentials for my local user account... but I get the "password is
invalid for this account" error message.

I have seen the previous thread about this exact some problem, however
there did not seem to be a solution posted... was this ever resolved and
if so how?

I have set me schedlog to D_FULLDEBUG and there is nothing interesting in
there as far as I can tell:
    3/25 15:31:04 DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from  host
    3/25 15:31:04 DaemonCore: received command 479 (STORE_CRED), calling
handler (cred_access_handler)
    3/25 15:31:04 store_cred: Switching to root priv
    3/25 15:31:04 Adding leighton@DCORNFORTH-DT to credential storage.
    3/25 15:31:04 store_cred: Credential not valid
    3/25 15:31:04 Switching back to old priv state.

I have a feeling that I might not have permissions to complete the storage
of credentials, as I am at a university and the computers are locked down
fairly tightly. I have a local administrator account that I am using, but
that doesn't seem to be enough...

Could someone detial the steps that condor_store_cred takes so I can run
this past DIT at my uni to check if it could be a constraint enforced by
them that may be preventing this to work?

Or is there an easier solution that I am missing???

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