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[condor-users] Attempt to open invalid session

Having upgraded my Central Manager to 6.6.0 from 6.4.7 (but not the grid nodes), I'm getting a lot of this in my grid node StartLogs:

4/12 09:58:19 DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session devnetserver:1880:1081360368:1, failing.
4/12 10:01:34 DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session devnetserver:1880:1081360367:0, failing.

This is preventing my jobs from running.  
http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~lists/archive/condor-users/msg00534.html suggests that I can fix it by adding 
...to my condor_config files of 6.4.7 nodes.  

Well, I can't do that; they aren't readily accessible.  I could uninstall the the Central Manager, and reinstall with 6.4.7 to have a homogenous grid, but before I do that, can someone confirm whether a heterogeneous grid is probably the problem here?

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