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[condor-users] Condor NT condor_mail.exe problem(?)

i haven't received any mails from our condor system. why is that? afaik, all the obvious mail settings are properly configured such as:

condor_config.local ------------------------

CONDOR_ADMIN    = acjacinto@xxxxxx
MAIL            = $(BIN)/condor_mail.exe
SMTP_SERVER     = mail.xxxxxx

example.sub --------------------------------

universe = vanilla notification = always
notify_user = acjacinto@xxxxxx
transfer_executable = False
executable = c:\Condor\sog\zip.exe
arguments = \\SERVER\archive\doc.zip \\SERVER\doc\*

i tried to search & read any docs regarding
condor NT's condor_mail.exe but i'm not that
lucky & so is Heinz <michael_heinz@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:michael_heinz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> [1].
anything that i've missed or any workarounds?

[1] http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~lists/archive/condor-users/msg00210.html

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