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[condor-users] File transfer broken in 6.6.3 for OSX, new binaries available

greetings all.  yesterday, i discovered that the Condor file transfer
mechanism is broken on OSX in Condor version 6.6.3.  luckily for you,
i've already fixed the bug.  existing 6.6.3 OSX users have two options
to deal with this problem:

1) there is now a 6.6.4 release for OSX on the web (both at UW and the
   Italian mirror site).  the 6.6.3 release is no longer available for
   download.  if you upgrade to 6.6.4, the problem is solved.

2) there is a seperate tarball that includes a README and a patched
   version of the condor_starter binary, which is the only thing you
   need to upgrade to solve the problem.  if you don't want to
   completely reinstall Condor, you can download this seperate package
   and swap out the sbin/condor_starter binary for yourself.


   this is a small enough download package that it is not being
   mirrored in Italy.  if people who normally use the mirror site have
   trouble downloading it, you can just upgrade to 6.6.4. ;)

our apologies for the trouble,
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