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[condor-users] where is my output data file

Dear Condor_g users;

I am now running a condor_g job on teragrid. Howerver I am having trouble to locate the output data file(not the file in output=condor.out) . In my condor_g submit script, I specify the directory with


But there is no output file written into that directory and I could not
find where the output file is. My job is an MPI fortran job and I am using globus universe.

BUT, if I run a single job (not MPI) using condor_g, if I specify the
output directory using


I could see the output files will be dumped to the directory. I only have problem with MPI jobs.

Also, can you tell me where I can see the rsl file generated by condor_g? If I run the MPI job as a globus job, there is no problem and the output data file is generated in the directory specified in the rsl.

Thank you very much in advance.

Qiao Xin


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