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RE: [condor-users] Pc's with hyperthreading

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> ...
> Two questions 
> 1. How do I want to convince condor that it really has only one CPU
>    I found the NUM_CPUS in the config file - 
>    but I note that its use is not recommended. 
> 1. How good is the hyper-threading technology ? 
>    Should I be trying to convince condor that it really has 
> only one CPU
> ?

On a similar note, anyone know if it is possible to effect the following:

* My job wants to run on 8 nodes. I realise that there could be some dual
  around, but if I get one of them, I only want it to count as a single as I
  want all the memory the node can get. I also want the other
  processor marked as occupied as I really don't want to share! I am willing
to wait!

* Where possible allocate jobs to separate nodes rather than both processors
  a dual. e.g. If I have a job which wants 4 processors of a system which
has duals,
  they should prefer 4 separate nodes rather than 2 duals. A sort of
  rather than depth-first strategy.

Also same strategies when applied to duals with hyper-threading.

I received this hypo(hyper?)thetical request from a colleague who is used to
a "real"
HPC to do his work.



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