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Re: [condor-users] 6.6.4 windows version

> Hi Colin,
> Would it be at all possible for a more detailed description of the bug that was
> found in Windows 6.6.3?


> Was it the "crashing" of w/s as described in an earlier mail (re: Condor jobs
> killing GUIs).


The bug in 6.6.3 had to do with a change we made to the password stashing
code that runs in the schedd. One of the new Windows functions we started
using requires a different number of arguments on Windows 2000 than it
does on XP (but I didn't know this when the change was checked in). As
a result, the function would cause a segfault in the schedd whenever it
was called (on a submit, for example), but only on 2000. Since most of
the machines we use to build and test Condor are Windows XP (except for
execute nodes), it wasn't caught before the release went out the door.

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