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Re: [condor-users] condor_config syntax error

I believe the relevant line in the condor_config.BOB file is
RANK = ((Scheduler =?= $(DedicatedScheduler) * $(RANK_FACTOR)) + $(RANK)) || (Owner == "BOB")
I assume RANK is not getting a value before this line.
When I added RANK = 0 before this line the daemons started back up.

My question is why would the original configuration work fine in 6.5.2 but not in 6.6.3?

Your RANK expression was always bad, but Condor did a bad job of reporting it. It just failed silently or had bad behavior.

This was fixed in Condor 6.5.4. From the version history:

The condor_ startd will now immediately exit with a fatal error if there is a syntax error in any of the policy expressions (START, SUSPEND, PREEMPT, etc) as defined in the configuration file. Before, the condor_ startd might run for a long time before reporting the error, or would silently ignore the expression.


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