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Re: [condor-users] getcwd on migrated process

Anton Selikhov wrote:
> I'm trying to use Condor Stand-Alone Checkpointing to migrate tasks 
> between hosts running Linux 2.4.9. Checkpointing is performed by 
> implicit call to ckpt_and_exit(). When restarted, the process executes 
> system function getcwd(), which actually returns the local path of the 
> code before restart, while it restarts in different directory of another 
> host.
> How to make getcwd() returning the right current working directory?

Hi Anton,

I have tried the same thing and run into the same problem. The condor team are
aware of this limitation with the checkpointing mechanism and I believe that
they have a fix for it. I'm not sure when it will be in a release, though.


Duncan Brown                                  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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