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Re: [condor-users] Problems with running a sample job

On Tue May 4 2004 2:17 pm, A Nayar wrote:
> Hi all,


>   Subsequent to yesterday's efforts, I finally got condor up and running on
> my machine running Mandrake 10. I created a test job with the following
> lines;

Here are some places to start looking for more info:
1. Verify that you submitted this as a vanilla universe job
2. Look in your ShadowLog on the submit machine for clues
3. Look in the StarterLog on the execute machine for clues

It may help to turn on some more debugging (in your condor_config file):

If you're still stuck after this, send:
1. Your submit file
2. Your ShadowLog (or, at least the chunk from this job)
3. Your StarterLog (again, the chunk from this job).

Hope this helps


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