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[condor-users] RE: failed to transfer executable file

Thanks for the advice.
This led me to put the line

copy_to_spool = false

in the submission script and now the problem has gone away.
Thanks for your help.

> I'm trying to transfer "large" (280MB) files from my XP submit machine 
> to the XP worker machines, with a Solaris 2.9 central condor manager, 
> and I get intermittent errors (always the hardest to figure out!) 
> returned when using condor_submit:
> ERROR: failed to transfer executable file .\evaluate_condor_int.exe

This is usually caused by a failure to write the executable to the spool
directory on the remote host. When it fails, check if the spool directory is
running out of space. That's the most likely problem.

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