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[condor-users] Condor version 6.6.5 now available


I just put the finishing touches on the 6.6.5 release.  It just fixes
a few minor bugs (many of which are very platform-dependent).
Windows, OSX, and AIX users are the most effected.  There were a few
platform-independent memory leaks fixed in the condor_startd and
condor_schedd, as well.  A complete list of bug fixes can be found


There are a few known issues we're still working on for the current
stable release series (in particular, we're going to upgrade the
version of Globus that we link Condor-G against, along with fixing a
known bug when you put the Condor execute directory on NFS where
root-squashing is enabled).  We plan on releasing version 6.6.6 in the
not-too-distant future.  Once 6.6.6 is out, we hope to stop working on
the 6.6.x series and put all of our development effort into 6.7.x.
Therefore, if you're not on one of the platforms listed above, you may
want to hold off on upgrading until 6.6.6.

Good luck,
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