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RE: [condor-users] Condor problem

> I am installing Condor on the new cluster and Uchicago. So far it has 
> gone ok. I configured it through Rocks and was able to submit 
> some test 
> jobs. I did, however, run into some strange glitches.
> using the submit file:
> Executable     = /bin/ls
> Universe = vanilla Log = foo.log

The above line looks suspect and it is either a typo, or the parser
is being "flexible".

> Output =  out.$(Process)
> Queue
> I am getting the error:
> ...
> 007 (025.000.000) 05/11 20:09:04 Shadow exception!
>        Error from starter on compute-0-0.local: Failed to 
> open standard 
>  >>output file '/home/azahn/out.0': Permission denied (errno 13)

This is likely to be the permissions on your files.

Can I assume that /home/azahn is shared across the cluster?
Also that you DID NOT request files to be transferred ?

If you create the out.0 file and then change its permissions to 666
(rw-rw-rw-) then this should be OK. You may also have to do this with
the log file as well. Also the directory that these files are in may need
write permissions (although I can't remember exactly if this is the case).

By requesting file transfer the problem may also go away, but that is 
probably not such a good solution in a cluster.

I think it boils down to creating the file for you at this end with your
and then using a "different" user to write to the files at the other end.

This may also be tied in to whether you have a common UID_DOMAIN across the
or not.

I have raised this problem initially on this group, then again with
in early March, but haven't received feedback of late.

I hope this helps


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