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Re: [condor-users] Job doesn't run

Why wasn't COLLECTOR and NEGOTIATOR in the default config? .. no matter.

It depends on the parameters you gave when you installed Condor. If you used "condor_configure", you need to set the "--type" parameter appropriately. If the documentation was confusing--our apologies! But if you selected different options, you would have had COLLECTOR & NEGOTIATOR defined.

Adding negotiator to the DAEMON_LIST got condor_q -analyze to work.  I'm
sorry to seem dense, but I'm new to condor...  What requirements could my
job have that is preventing it from running.  Cluster 4.0, had no universe
specified so is standard, with 5.0 I specified vanilla.  And, what does the
warning mean?

You can see the requirements of the job with:

condor_q -l

You can see the requirements of the machines with:

condor_status -l

Look for the "Requirements =" in the output.

In fact, share this with this list, and I can help look at it and find the problem.

Tim, I think you're getting hung up on a series of fairly small problems, but it's slow to debug via this list. If you want to have a phone call, perhaps combined with a VNC session, I can probably get you up and working very quickly. If you want to do this, I'll be available on Thursday--let me know in personal email.


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