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Re: [condor-users] condor_mail

> is there a way to change the from-email-adress that is sent by condor? The
> from-adress now (SYSTEM@PC_NAME) is blocked by our smtp-server. We need
> something like SYSTEM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I searched the manual and the
> condor_config and didn't find any hint. Does anybody has an idea?

condor_mail uses whatever the full hostname is for the machine. Since
you're missing the domain, you probably could get what you want (on XP
anyways) by:

1. Control Panel -> System
2. Computer Name tab
3. Click Change
4. in the next window, click More...
5. Fill in: Primary DNS suffix of this computer

It would be nice if condor_mail looked at DEFAULT_DOMAIN_NAME in the
config file too, but it does not do that at this time.

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