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[condor-users] Remotely probing for the presence of Condor daemons

Hi everyone,

	I would like to know whether it is possible to probe an arbitrary
machine over the network and discover whether it is running any of the
Condor daemons (those daemons that listen on some TCP or UDP port), and,
ideally, if it is, which version of Condor it is running.

	The reason for this is that at our University the central
computing services periodically 'probe' all machines on the University
network in an attempt to find out what services they are running, and what
versions of those services.  We make this information available to network
administrators across the University, and use it ourselves to work out
which machines we need to get to quickly when a vulnerability is reported
in some network service or when a machine is running something it
shouldn't.  If possible, we would like to add 'probing' for Condor to our
suite of 'probes'.

	Obviously, we are experimenting with machines running Condor
ourselves, but it would be useful to know (a) if this is possible (so we
don't waste time trying to do it if it isn't) and (b) if someone else
already has code that does this which we could use.



Bruce Beckles,
e-Science Specialist,
University of Cambridge Computing Service

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