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[condor-users] distributed rendering: 3DSMax

Hello all --

I hope this isn't too far off-topic, unfortunately I don't know a better
place to ask.

Is anyone using condor for distributed rendering of 3DStudio Max jobs and NOT
using a high-priced per-cpu commercial rendering package? We'd like to farm
out render jobs from 3DStudio Max, but the idea of paying thousands per cpu
is in total conflict with the approach we're taking to our initial condor
deployment -- i.e. re-using old lab hardware and non-dedicated machines. Any
glimmers of hope out there?

Kaylea Hascall   |   (773) 834-4117 or khascall@xxxxxxxxxxxx
TASC: Technology, Architecture, & Service Coordination
Assistant Director: Academic Technologies, Learning Environments Group
NSIT, University of Chicago
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