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[condor-users] Richer MatchMaking in CondorG

I think the the richer matchmaking functions in the MMS library, such as lists and RegExp, are not yet in the CondorG package - still correct? On the Canadian Grid testbed we are at the stage of needing this functionality to do things like checking the user subject is in the authorized list, and I was wondering what the schedule for it`s inclusion in CondorG was.
I think I know the answer will be not imminently, so we have a workaround - using the external C function trick. I have succesfully tested this for inclusion in the Rank attribute, but have never got it to work when the function call is included in the Requirement attribute. I was told that this should work, but my test function never gets run.

On an unrelated issue, we have a delicate resource (with GPFS shared files systems, without attributing blame) which struggles when many jobs are simultaneously submitted through the gatekeeper. I tried to contol submission with these macros on the scheduler but got suprising results


Only 5 jobs are submitted and the rest wait until 1 finishes, which is as expected. I thought the 2nd line would limit the simultaneous submits to 1, but I still see many jobmanagers as if 5 are submitted at once. Have I misunderstood this macro?

The underlying problem is that a single gatekeeper submission results in O(100) small files being created in the gass cache, which causes problems with the shared FS. Anybody's guess why 100's of files are needed!


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