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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
Adsl adsl research group
AIRG AI / ML Reading Group
Aisem [no description available]
Arch-qual Reading group studying for CS qualifying exam in Computer Architecture
Arch-reading Reading Group for Computer Architecture Students
Architecture Wisconsin Computer Architecture
Associates [no description available]
Blitz [no description available]
Bullying [no description available]
cbi-announce CBI Announcements
cbi-discuss CBI Discussion
Certs Undergraduate Computer Science Certificate Students
Cgi-users [no description available]
CHTC-users [no description available]
Cipart-ug for undergrads in CIPART project for undergrads in CIPART project (
CPU-CA Chinese Professional Union for Computer Architects
Cs-announce [no description available]
Cs-changes [no description available]
Cs-lab [no description available]
Cs-misc [no description available]
cs-wall [no description available]
Cs202-tas [no description available]
Csnest-13 Mailing list for participants in the 2012-13 CS NEST Contest
Curriculum the curriculum committee
db-all People interested in the UW Database Group
Dbaffiliates [no description available]
Dbalumni [no description available]
dbgroup Current DB Faculty and Students
DBRG Reading group for Database research
dbseminar UW Database Seminar Announcements
Deadlands private mailing list for role playing group
Devise-sup DEVise (Data Exploration and Visualization) user support
Deviseproj DEVise (Data Exploration and Visualization) project team
dimple-announce [no description available]
Dyninst-api Dynamic Instrumentation/DAIS Standards Group
Ellhnes Ellhnes
Emonix [no description available]
Eteach-users Support for eTEACH users
Events UW Computer Sciences Department Events
Faculty Computer Sciences Dept. Faculty
Faculty Computer Sciences Dept. Faculty
Felix-announce [no description available]
Fm-reading Formal Methods Reading Group
Framenet mail group for
Frr List for D&D group
Gradchat Mailing list parallel to graduates for social and misc emails
Graduates [no description available]
Graphics-group Graphics Group Mailing List
Hcirg HCI Reading Group
Hellquad mailing list for my college roommates
Hockey-hardpuck SACM Hockey Club
Hockey-softpuck SACM Softpuck Hockey
Hoops Mailing list for basketball in the CS department.
htcondor-cdf For discussion of HTCondor/CDF Issues
HTCondor-devel [no description available]
HTCondor-doit distribution list for htcondor "crash report" emails sent from DoIT lab mac
HTCondor-eug HTCondor Enterprise Users Group
HTCondor-users HTCondor-Users Mail List
HTCondor-world [no description available]
Ia64-users For users of the Itanium machines, who, what, where, when, and someday wh
Icpc-team ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest team
Idr-members Members of The Wavelet IDR Center
Jkc-list Madison Japanese Karate Club - UW
Lattice-seminar Reading course on preprint of Lattice book
MRNet MRNet support
Mw The mailing list for MW (Master-Worker) developers and users.
Myslb Design review group (Make your stuff look better)
Nbrg [no description available]
Niagara Mailing list for Niagara project
Niagara-qe Niagara Query Engine Group
nsrg network systems reading group
Os-reading Operating systems reading group
Os-seminar Information about the weekly OS/Networking Seminars
osg-commits [no description available]
Paintball A mailing list for people interested in playing paintball
pl-qual Discussion for PL qualifying exam.
Pl-reading Programming Languages Reading Group
Pl-seminar [no description available]
Qubic QuBIC project at the University of Wisconsin in Madi
Racquetball Racquetball Scheduling
Rstatfac statistics faculty minus visitors/lecturers
Sacm "SACM officers discussion list"
sacmgolf SACM Golf League
Secretaries Computer Sciences Dept. Secretaries
Secrsch Topics related to security research.
Sememaillist stat dept. seminar mailing list
shore-bugs Bugs reports for the Shore Storage Manager
Shore-users Users of the Shore Storage Manager
Simplescalar SimpleScalar processor simulation tool suite
Stat-hiring hiring committee members
Statexec statistics executive committee only
Statfac regular faculty mailing list
Statfull statistics full profs only
Systems systems faculty at Wisconsin
Teach-reading [no description available]
Telecom-comm [no description available]
Theory-faculty CS theory faculty at UW-Madison
Theory-seminar CS Theory of Computing Seminar at UW-Madison
Theory-students CS theory students at UW-Madison
Tkd [no description available]
Ugrads Undergraduate Computer Science Majors
Ugrads Undergraduate Computer Science Majors
Unsup [no description available]
Unsup-announce Installation and upgrade announcements for unsup software
Upl-users UPL Mailing List
Uwcs-htcondor An Announcement list for the UWCS HTCondor Pool
Vision-reading We are a group that meets to discuss papers relevant to our research in computer vision.
Vmware-users CS VMware discussion and announcements
WACM Mailing list for UW's ACM-Committee on Women Chapter
Wail Wisconsin Advanced Internet Group
Wali-commits [no description available]
wali-users List for user and dev talk for WALi and OpenNWA
Waveletidr contact group for
Winxp-users [no description available]
wirelessathome [no description available]
wpds-announce [no description available]
Wwt-action-dist [no description available]
Zplot [no description available]

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