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[Condor-users] Exec format error when using $$(ARCH) and $$(OpSys)


When using the following submit file:
executable = myenv.$$(Arch).$$(OpSys)
log = myenv.log
output = myenv$(process).out
error = myenv$(process).err
requirements = (OpSys == "SOLARIS28" && Arch == "SUN4u")

I receive the following error in the StarterLog.

8/3 12:23:56 Create_Process: child failed with errno 8 (Exec format error)
e exec()
8/3 12:23:56 ERROR "Create_Process(/opt/condor-6.6.6
c.exe,condor_exec.exe, ...) failed" at line 493 in file os_proc.C
8/3 12:23:56 ShutdownFast all jobs.

If, however, I use the line:

executable = myenv.SUN4u.SOLARIS28

the process runs fine.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Bob Nordlund

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