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[Condor-users] Condor and Suse Linux 9.1


I wanted to ask if anyone has experience in using Condor on Suse Linux

So far, we have installed Condor on systems running Suse 8.2 and there
are no problems. However, when trying to use - both the version 6.6.6
and 6.7.0 - with 9.1, the first problem shows up when starting the
daemons for the frist time. The "Startd" fails to load because it
cannot determine the memory of the machine. The logfile says:


8/3 17:56:13 ******************************************************
8/3 17:56:13 ** condor_startd (CONDOR_STARTD) STARTING UP
8/3 17:56:13 ** /usr/local/condor/sbin/condor_startd
8/3 17:56:13 ** $CondorVersion: 6.6.6 Jul 26 2004 $
8/3 17:56:13 ** $CondorPlatform: I386-LINUX_RH9 $
8/3 17:56:13 ** PID = 5485
8/3 17:56:13 ******************************************************
8/3 17:56:13 Using config file: /home/condor/condor_config
8/3 17:56:13 Using local config files:
8/3 17:56:13 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
8/3 17:56:13 Error computing physical memory with calc_phys_mem().
                MEMORY parameter not defined in config file.
                Try setting MEMORY to the number of megabytes of RAM.
8/3 17:56:13 ERROR "Can't compute physical memory." at line 60 in file


After manually inserting the memory in the condor_config file,
condor_startd starts up and everythin seems to run smoothly. However
as soon as you try to submit a job, strange things happen. Condor
claims that the submit-file is not readable and the output-files not


condor@PFT110:~/test> /usr/local/condor/bin/condor_submit print.sub
Submitting job(s).
Logging submit event(s).
1 job(s) submitted to cluster 2.

WARNING: File /home/condor/test/print.sh is not readable by condor.

WARNING: File /home/condor/test/hallo.out is not writeable by condor.

WARNING: File /home/condor/test/hallo.err is not writeable by condor.


The job simply goes into idle. When I try to remove the job via
condor_rm, everything breaks down. The condor_schedd crashes and you
can't do any more then kill all condor daemons.

The problem(s) I described above occur on two different machines. As
soon as I install Suse 8.2, everything works perfectly again. 

If anyone had a clue as to what the problem with Suse 9.1 is, I'd be
very happy for any advice.



Björn Baumeier		baumeier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Universität Münster
Institut für Festkörpertheorie
Wilhelm-Klemm-Strasse 10
D-48149 Münster
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