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Re: [Condor-users] On-demand priority access to resources

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 10:12:47 -0700  "Ian Chesal" wrote:

> I've been following the MaxJobRetirementDiscussion very closely and
> our situation definitly fits that description. It sounds like 6.7.2
> is our best hope at this point.

actually, the MaxJobRetirement code *will* be included in the 6.7.1
release.  y'all don't have to wait for 6.7.2.

> Is their a release date proposed for 6.7.[1] yet?

6.7.1 will hopefully be out by the end of this week.  the code freeze
will probably happen tomorrow.  then we'll test it a little more
locally, and ship it.  we'll certainly notify this list when the
tarballs are on the web.  since it's a development release, we're not
going to do 3 weeks of heavy internal testing.  that's what all you
fine people are for. ;)

> Can we help with it's development in any way?

once it's out, beat on it and let us know what breaks.

-derek (condor team)