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[Condor-users] problem with condor_store_cred and defining domains

Hey condor users,
I am having a problem with storing the credential for my account on this computer.  I have checked to see that both the domain and user are correct and it is giving a error message saying that the password is invalid.  I think there may be a problem with the way I defined the user id domain and filesystem domain in the config file, but I am not sure what the problem is.  For the user id domain, I used the domain of the email addresses in our network which is b-e-s-t-group.com, but we also have an internal internet domain called best.group as well as the windows nt domain called BESTGROUP.  I am not sure which one I should use for the user id domain or the filesystem domain.  If you have any suggestions that will be great.  Hope to hear from someone.