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Re: [Condor-users] meaning of condor_stats output

Can anyone explain what the output of condor_stats indicates.

The manual page is confusing, but I think that all of the information is there--I apologize for the confusing text.

The output is terse because it is meant for input into a script that can turn the data into pretty graphs. Probably we should make a verbose option.

I've had a read of the man pages but I still can't work
it out. For example what does this mean:

$ /opt/condor/bin/condor_stats -userquery tcadmin2@xxxxxxxxx/239032-mstc22.liv.ac.uk
96.62 1 0
96.90 1 0
97.17 0 0
97.45 0 0
97.73 0 0
98.01 0 0
98.28 0 0

I assume that's a subset of the data. You should have numbers ranging from close to zero to close to 100 in the first column.

First column:

The first column always represents the time, as a percentage of the range of the query. Thus the first entry will have a value close to 0.0, while the last will be close to 100.0. If the -orgformat option is used, the time is displayed as number of seconds since the Unix epoch. The information in the remainder of the columns depends on the query type.

You may find it easier to interpret with the -orgformat argument.

Next two columns:

The information displayed includes the number of running jobs and the number of idle jobs.

So you have:

time running-jobs idle-jobs