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Re: [Condor-users] DAGman question

If, however, the job is part of a DAG then for whatever reason
X509_USER_PROXY is NOT being passed to my job, and my job is
not able to authenticate properly to various Grid services.

So I have some questions:

1) Is this behaviour known and understood?


2) Is it "fixed" in 6.6.6?

This behavior has not changed in 6.6.6. We've talked internally about the right way to solve the problem (it involves internal technical details that are arguable).

Here is are three fixes (not checked for typos) that you can use right now:

1) getenv = true is an unreliable way to submit jobs. You should set your environment explicitly in the submit file so you know what you are getting since your environment may vary over time. Use the "environment" submit variable to set exactly what your job needs.

2) In the submit file, do the following, with the correct name:

x509userproxy = /tmp/x509_upNNNN

3) The problem is that DGAMan explicitly clears the X509_USER_PROXY. However, it doesn't clear other variables. So before you submit jobs, you can do:

condor_submit submit-file

In submit file:
  getenv = true
  x509userproxy = $ENV(X509_USER_PROXY_COPY)

3) When the job is run as part of a DAG just what environment
is it inheriting?

The one from DAGMan.

4) condor_dagman appears to have no help information:

[skoranda@hydra skoranda]$ condor_dagman -help
ERROR "No 'DAGMAN_LOG' parameter specified." at line 116 in
file dprintf_config.c

Most people don't run condor_dagman directly, since it is an internal tool used by condor_submit_dag. Do you wish to use it more directly? If so, we could work on documenting it, but it would be useful for us to know what you need to know.