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Re: [Condor-users] Error with installing condor on RedHat Linux 8

Candace Harris wrote:

I have just installed condor onto my linux machine and when I run condor_status it tells me that I can´t find the collector. Does anyone have a idea on how to fix this problem?


There are quite a few things that could cause this type of problem. Probably the most likely, however, is that you don't have a collector running. It sounds like you're trying to setup a "single host" Condor, so I'm going to presume that's the case in my reply....

Let's check a couple of items.

1. Did you actually start Condor (probably by running "condor_master")? Run ps to verify that the master is running. You can look at MasterLog to learn more about what it's doing, having problems with, etc. Note that you may need to set the CONDOR_CONFIG env variable if your condor_config is stored in a non-standard location (not in /etc or /home/condor).

2. Is your master configured to run a Collector? Look at your "DAEMON_LIST" setting in your condor_config; it should have COLLECTOR in the list. If not, that's the problem.

3. Is the collector actually running? Again, verify with 'ps'. If it's dieing, check the CollectorLog to see what it's upset about. You can also run it directly via "condor_collector -t -f"; it's dump all of it's output to stdout.

4. Verify the COLLECTOR_HOST setting in your condor_config.

Hope this helps