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RE: [Condor-users] meaning of condor_stats output

As a final question -- is it possible to indentify individual jobs to get a break down on how long each ran for. I can't see this info in the raw history data.

It's hard to get this information from condor_history, though you can get an approximation of it. Did you try condor_q -l so you can see all of the detail about the jobs?

When I look at a job, I can see when it was submitted:

QDate = 1088535701

when the job started:

JobStartDate = 1088535703

and when the job completed:

CompletionDate = 1088535706

HOWEVER--this information is incomplete if your job was preempted during the run. For instance, if you have a standard universe job that checkpointed, it might run three times, and you need to sum each run time to know how long it ran for. If it is a vanilla job, then only the most recent time will be the successful run, unless you care about how much "badput" it had.

The best place for complete information about a job is the user log. It documents everything that happened to the job. If you decide to use the user log to get information about jobs, I can give you pointers on how to read the user log from a program.