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[Condor-users] more on adding extra classad attributes

hello everyone,

I have successfully added some attributes to machine ClassAds (Condor v.
6.6.6, Windows XP)
using environment variables: 

# condor_config.local

The idea was to use these variables to run specific jobs on PCs
where cygwin and/or other applications are installed. 
And it works fine as long as the environment variable CYGWIN_ROOT (in this
case) is defined.
But if I use this generic condor_config.local on those machines where the
variable does not exist, 
then STARTD fails to start complaining in StartLog -
8/10 17:33:12 ERROR "Can't find CYGWIN_ROOT in environment!" at line 392 in
file ..\src\condor_c++_util\config.C

The question is if it is possible to change this behaviour from complaining
to returning something like "UNDEFINED" or at least just an empty string ""

Otherwise it is quite handy way of publishing extra attributes.