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Re: [Condor-users] more on adding extra classad attributes

Andrey Kaliazin wrote:
then STARTD fails to start complaining in StartLog -
8/10 17:33:12 ERROR "Can't find CYGWIN_ROOT in environment!" at line 392 in
file ..\src\condor_c++_util\config.C

The question is if it is possible to change this behaviour from complaining
to returning something like "UNDEFINED" or at least just an empty string ""

Another developer and I just discussed this, and we think it's a good idea to change this behavior so you can get reasonable behavior in this case.

It won't happen in the 6.6.x series, but it should be able to make it into Condor 6.7.2 (not 6.7.1) without difficulty.

Thanks for the suggestion.