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Re: [Condor-users] Condor as seti@home

Hi Alain

We don't want to build our own middleware since we want several applications
to be run from. Students that had a tragie episode of disease in family,
would be willing to run programs related to cancer, for example. And we can
provide them with a website in order to customize their "affinity".
So Condor really makes a very good platform - and we don't want to reinvent
the wheel. But the security concerns are mounting among us to the point to
make this project unfeasible. So the point here is how to configure Condor
secure enough to support this scenario.


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> >Do you see Condor being deployed in a seti@home/distributed.net way? I
> >desktop computers in the wild connecting back to a central server.
> SETI@home lets you run a single program on a computer. Condor lets you run
> any program you want on a computer.
> Granted, you can set it up so that Condor will run jobs as the nobody user
> (on Unix--there's something similar on Windows), so they are relatively
> safe. But as a random user in the world, why would I trust you to run any
> program you want on my computer?
> It is easier to gain trust in a specific community rather than in entire
> -alain
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