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[Condor-users] Error: Posix limits path names to 256 bytes ???

Dear Condor users,

I tried to start a job with condor, using the following submit description file:

Executable = lalapps_inspiral_condor --verbose --debug-level 33 --user-tag bogus --gps-start-time 732900096 --gps-end-time 732902144 --bank-file d/laguacha/home/andy/LIGO/S2/TemplateBanks/UWM/L1-TMPLTBANK-uwm_1temp_1-732900096-2048.xml --calibration-cache /d/laguacha/home/andy/LIGO/S2/Calibration/cal_cache/L-CAL-729273600-734367600.cache --frame-cache /d/laguacha/home/andy/LIGO/S2/DATA/frame_cache/L1-732900096-2048.cache --injection-file /d/laguacha/home/andy/LIGO/S2/injections/HL-INJECTIONS_1-732900700-1.xml --channel-name L1:LSC-AS_Q --snr-threshold 6.0 --chisq-threshold 5.0 --pad-data 8 --segment-length 1048576 --number-of-segments 15 --sample-rate 4096 --resample-filter ldas --enable-high-pass 100.0 --high-pass-order 8 --high-pass-attenuation 0.1 --spectrum-type median --low-frequency-cutoff 100.0 --approximant TaylorF2 --minimal-match 0.9 --segment-overlap 524288 --inverse-spec-length 16 --enable-event-cluster --dynamic-range-exponent 69.0 --chisq-bins 15 --disable-output --write-snr --write-chisq --trig-start-time 732900700 --trig-end-time 732900701
universe = standard
output = insp.$(Process).out
error = insp.$(Process).error
Log = insp.$(Process).log
Queue 1

So the code to start is 'lalapps_inspiral_condor' using quite a long list of arguments. When trying to start this job using condor, an error occured: Posix limits path names to 256 bytes

But there is no path name longer than 256 bytes, only the complete argument list exceeds 256 bytes. Is that the problem? And if so, how to solve it?

Thanks for any help.

Alexander Dietz
Louisiana State University
Department of Physics & Astronomy
202 Nicholson Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001
tel:       (225) 578-8186
email:   dietz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx