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[Condor-users] shadow user fails on Windows 2000


I am attempting to get user based security working on Condor 6.6.6 on Windows
2000. My test bed consists of an exec node, submitter and manager. All three are
running under a domain user account

After a while, the exec begins to fail on enabling the reuse account:

8/13 10:57:29 Dynuser: Couldn't param VM# - using 1 by default
8/13 10:57:29 dynuser: Re-enabling account (condor-reuse-vm1)
8/13 10:57:29 LogonUser(condor-reuse-vm1, ... ) failed with status 13148/13
10:57:29 ERROR "Failed to create a user nobody" at line 332 in file

I have tried enabling the account by hand and also deleting the account in the
hope condor would recreate. In the end the only way I found to fix the problem
was to re install condor ie de install and then re install (not an upgrade).

Has anyone seen this and is there a solution?

Thanks in advance


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