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Re: [Condor-users] Weird in ShadowLog

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 03:28:08PM -0500, Scott Koranda wrote:

> > It also happens because sometimes the address isn't properly byte
> > swapped before the routine is called.  For instance:
> > 
> > 8/16 13:38:01 (3961.49) (17037):	 Weird 0x28796980
> > 8/16 13:38:01 (3961.49) (17037):Returned addr
> > 8/16 13:38:01 (3961.49) (17037):
> > 
> > Note the "Weird" address is just the little-endian value of the actual
> > "Returned addr".  This happens somewhere in the checkpoint code.
> > 
> Hmmmm. Does that mean I should worry about it?

No.  As Alain said, it doesn't matter.  I was just pointing out one
reason why "Weird" can show up in the ShadowLog, I see it here all of
the time and everything works fine.

If what you are seeing is coming from the checkpoint code, I would
expect either or (each possible order for
0xa0e000c) is an IP address on your network.  But that's only if it's
the same thing I'm seeing.  It could easily be from some other part of
the code that I've never looked at.

In any case, unless you are seeing other problems I wouldn't worry
about it.

Daniel K. Forrest	Laboratory for Molecular and
forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx	Computational Genomics
			University of Wisconsin, Madison