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Re: [Condor-users] Running "batch" jobs on different platforms

oh sorry I didn't make myself clear - I know unix
doesn't do that. I thought that the file transfer
transfer process would spot scripts and transfer a la
FTP converting line terminators as appropriate to the
platform, thus rendering scripts runnable at the other

if you submit from windows you haven't got the
executable bit to use so would have to use a heurstic
such as suffix.

Given your post should I take it that, when submitting
a job from a windows machine to run on unix, it does
not do this and that you must supply correct line
terminators for the execution environment...

 --- Alain Roy <roy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> At 06:08 PM 8/16/2004 +0100, Matt Hope wrote:
> >on unix I guess it treats .sh the same way, but
> thinks
> >you bat file is an executable, thus sending a file
> >that isn't an exe renamed as if it was.
> No, Linux does *not* work this way. It does not
> execute the script based on 
> the file name.
> There are two way to execute the script.
> 1) If you are sitting in a shell and the file is
> executable, you can type 
> the name of the script and it will run the
> interpreter that is listed at 
> the beginning. Matt has this:
> #!/bin/csh
> 2) You can specify what interpreter should run the
> script:
> csh foo.bat
> I was able to replicate the problem by turning off
> the executable bit. That is:
>    * With the executable bit on, Condor was able to
> run the script
>    * With the executable bit off, Condor was unable
> to run the script.
> You can either twiddle the executable bit, or you
> can change part of your 
> submit file:
> executable = /bin/csh
> arguments = foo.bat
> You probably also should set:
> transfer_executable = false
> -alain
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