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[Condor-users] Kerberos

	A quick couple of questions about kerberos support in condor: 

nodes, submit nodes, and the central manager, then I need to create a
principle in my KDC for
$(CONDOR_SERVER_PRINCIPAL)/host.name@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for each host that
will participate.  I presume I then have to somehow setup the kerberos
keytab file on each host so that the daemons have the required
credentials.  If so, where would that be done?  If not, I think I've
missed something fundamental about Kerberos - would someone be kind
enough to explain it to me please?

When a user logs in to a submit node, and assuming they acquire a ticket
somehow (in our case, as a side-effect of logging in), then is that
sufficient to identify them when they submit a job? 


Craig Miskell,
Technical Support,
AgResearch Invermay
03 489-9279
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