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[Condor-users] Question about transferring files and default dirs

I am submitting a job from this folder /home/anayar/mw/examples/cactus to a 
condor pool and i my submit file I am transferring input files located in the 
same dir, now on other machines in the pool I have a /home/anayar dir but 
nothing inside it, will it be a problem when the job runs since it cannot 
find the path. 
This is also a MW question, because the code runs through but all the MWprint 
statements given in the Worker and Task classes dont seem to get printed in 
the out_master.file, so how do I know where it is going wrong??

My PGP key is available on all PGP public keyservers under anayar1@xxxxxxxxxxx 
or KeyID 8A0E9415