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Re: [Condor-users] log files

I am studing at university of athens (dipartment of informatics)
and my undergraduate thesis is about managing condor's log-files
and visualizing the information.

Because of this, I would like to ask you ,if you don't have any
problem with that , to send me log-files so as I can test my program.

Do you mean the user log files, or the daemon log files? Or both?

Are you aware of the Condor user log viewer? You can download it from the "conrtib" section of the download page. On that page it is labelled "Version 6.2.1 (log_viewer)".

I also don't know how codes=008,021,022,023,024 appear in
log-files.So I would be grateful to have an answer.

Somewhere I have a program that can generate syntactically correct Condor user log files of arbitrary length. They do not have data that looks real: it's just a bunch of events. Would the output of that program be useful to you, or is it only useful to have data that looks like real jobs?