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[Condor-users] 3 problems

We are running 6.6.6

1. We have a mixed pool, and my testing rarely uses the Windows machines.
   After they have been running condor for a week or two, they all appear to
   stop sending Ads to the central node (or it stop listening!).
   This has been reported as a problem before, does anyone know what causes
   The central node is Linux RH9. problem nodes are all either Win XP or

2. What does :
       DC_AUTHENTICATE: attempt to open invalid session
wk-ibm2:31431:1092399572:36, failing.
   mean in a CollectorLog ?

3. We tried sending (usign vanilla universe) a script along with an
   The executable we listed in the transfer_input_files got transferred OK,
but when
   when it got there was "-rw------- nobody nobody", ie it was no longer
   Of course, it was quite easy to add a "chmod" ourselves, but it is
strange that
   at least the user's permission bits aren't retained.