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Re: [Condor-users] condorview and hawkeye

        I have just completed porting condorview client scripts to Microsoft
Services for Unix. Essentially two things required - change references to
"condor_stats" to "condor_stats.exe" and add processing to convert from dos EOLN
format to Unix format. Did this by piping all output from condor_stats.exe

sed -e s/.$//g


RESGROUPS=`condor_stats -pool $POOL $LENGTH -resgrouplist 2>/dev/null`


RESGROUPS=`condor_stats.exe -pool $POOL $LENGTH -resgrouplist 2>/dev/null | sed
-e s/.$//g`

Seems to work. Only reason to use MSFU is that we have this in our environment
and I didn't have to jump through the hoops to get cygwin added.

Cheers Paul

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>      a question for those of you who run condorview and/or hawkeye. We are
> building a condor pool that is all windows and is using NTSSPI
> authentication with userbased security. Condorview and Hawkeye have to be
> on a Unix variant and so can't participate in NTSSPI authentication. Is
> there a way to use these products with such a pool?

Condorview + WinXP can be done with Cygwin - see my post on 25th Nov 2003
in the mailing list archives at

If you get Hawkeye running on Windows please publicise to the list!


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