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RE: [Condor-users] startd/schedd not running as root

> According to the Condor manual V6.6.6, section, the suggested
> method is to run Condor as root. This is what I want to 
> happen. However,
> since the daemons are switching to the uid condor and my jobs are
> running as nobody, I would have to make my working 
> directories writable
> by user nobody, which is not an acceptable solution security wise.
> How do I get the daemons to run as root so that the jobs can be run
> under the uid of the submitter?
> Dave

I think with
a) vanilla universe
b) no common UID_DOMAIN 

you have to have world writeable permissions in the directory as the job
will run
as nobody. If you relax one of the 2 above conditions, then it may work OK.

If you have no common FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN, then you'll
also need to use the transfer files commands as described in
2.5.3 and 2.5.4