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[Condor-users] Strange pop-up window under Condor



As far as I understand, on Windows, the default OS crash handler is suppressed for processes that run under Condor. This means that if my app triggers an unhandled divide-by-zero exception, there will be no invisible pop-up that blocks the execution (termination in this case) of the process. I said “invisible” because the process runs under a separate desktop created by Condor, so even if there is a pop-up it will not be shown in the logged on user’s desktop. I assume that Condor suppresses the Windows default crash handler by using the SetErrorMode Win32 API, or some similar mechanisms.


However, it seems that there may be some exception to this behavior. In a recent vanilla job that we ran, a process running under the credential of a condor-reuse-vm# account crashed and generated a crash handler pop-up in the logged on user’s desktop.


This behavior violates the 2 assumptions stated earlier, namely that any OS crash handler is suppressed, and any UI elements of a Condor job stay inside the desktop created by Condor.


I’d be very happy if someone could clarify this behavior.



Jimmy Choi

Software Engineer

Altera Corporation.