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[Condor-users] AHM 2005 Mini Workshop

I think we should have a Mini Workshop on Condor at next year's UK
e-Science All Hands Meeting in September (20th-22nd).

The proposals for these need to be in by 17th December!

I am afraid my previous call for interest was answered only by Malcolm,
but I am sure there are some more of you "out there" who may be interested
in this.

I am happy to put together the proposal, but I could do with some 
"partners in crime". I know you are busy with reports from UK Condor Week,
but while you are reading each other's contributions, maybe you'll come
up with some great ideas for what aspects the Workshop could concentrate on.

Any ideas? Any more volunteers?

Note, the running of such a Workshop should not preclude a UK Condor Week,
which I hope will happen again next year.