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Re: [Condor-users] Glidein error

You say you copied the binaries to the tmp directory. Do you in fact mean that you created "/tmp/6.6.6-i686-pc-Linux-2.4.tar.gz" or do you mean "/tmp/glidein/6.6.6-i686-pc-Linux-2.4.tar.gz"? The error message below indicates that it is failing to access the latter.

You may want to test whether the URL is working independant of glidein, for example using globus-url-copy:

globus-urlp-copy gsiftp://gridxx.cct.lsu.edu/tmp/glidein/6.6.6-i686-pc-Linux-2.4.tar.gz file:///tmp/test_file


Arun Nayar wrote:

set my glidein server to my local submit machine which has gsiftp running on it, I copied the glidein binaries to the tmp directory on the machine, now when I do condor_glidein to the globus resource I get the following error:

Error: unable to retrieve gsiftp://gridxx.cct.lsu.edu/tmp/glidein/6.6.6-i686-pc-Linux-2.4.tar.gz

error: globus_ftp_client: the server responded with an error

550 /tmp/glidein/6.6.6-i686-pc-Linux-2.4.tar.gz: not a plain file.



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