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Re: [Condor-users] Glidein error

Arun Nayar wrote:

That worked but why do I see a held job in my condor_q

To see the hold reason, use the command 'condor_q -held <jobid>'. If the text gets chopped off on the edge of your screen, you can get the full ClassAd with the command 'condor_q -l <jobid>'.

You may also want to look in the job's log and output files. If you don't know the path to these, you can see the paths in the ClassAd, via 'condor_q -l <jobid>'.

I also see this in my SchedLog:

Started condor_gmanager for owner anayar1 pid=3893
12/6 15:49:29 condor_gridmanager exited pid=3893 status=0

Is this normal?

Yes. The gridmanager shuts down when you have no more active Globus jobs.